Yoga Poses to Control Diabetes, You Probably Won’t Believe!

Diabetes is one among the widespread medical conditions in the world. There are a lot of statistical reports that shock us regarding diabetes. As of 2014, WHO reports state that almost 440 million people all over the world are suffering from this condition and 1.6 million deaths in the year 2015 were due to this glucose condition that is diabetes. This means, if we are trying to draw a line of comparison, then every 1 in 15 people will have diabetes. This is just random analysis. What is more important than this stat is the medication that can control your diabetic levels, in case if you are a victim.

Tree Pose

Natural Medication:

There are a lot of medicines that are prescribed by doctors depending on the type of diabetes that is diagnosed in a patient.  But in most of the cases, it is only a way to control your sugar levels and not let it take a toll on your life. So this means medication in any way is not going to act as a remedy for the condition itself. What if I tell you that there is one simple way out to kill diabetes? Hard to believe right? Forget all the tablets that you have taken for life and follow this. Forget for life that you are a medical victim.

Yoga poses that control diabetes:

Yoga is one of the easiest remedies to most of the psychological and physical conditions that are prevalent amongst most of us, so no wonder it can stand as a wall against diabetics as well. So here are four yoga poses that kill diabetes in the long run if you follow them on a regular basis along with proper dietary patterns. However, remember to consult a doctor before you put these into practice.

Half Spinal Twist Pose:

Technically called as Ardha Matsyendrasana, this form of yoga takes the name Half Spinal Twist pose and is quite simple as well. Person irrespective of the size and age can do this type of yoga. The health benefits are that this yoga pose acts of major organs of the body like kidney, pancreas, intestine, gallbladder, and liver. This clearly means that the yoga will quicken the digestion process and thereby the excretion process too. Improper digestion is the major reason that shoots up the blood glucose level. This yoga can simply prevent the major condition that causes diabetes.

Plough Pose:

Technically called as Halasana, this form of yoga takes the name Plough Pose. The health benefits are it rejuvenates both mind and the intestine system and works like the previous pose. Though it is one of the important forms in the list, the pose is a little difficult for senior people. However, the can gain dominance over the act by constant practice. Remember not to strain too much, and you can be a little easy on yourself at least initially.

Bow Pose:

Technically called as Dhanurasa, this form of yoga takes the name Bow Pose. Again this is not an easy pose. So you will have to engage in yoga practice on a regular basis. The earlier you begin, the sooner you are out of trouble. Today diabetic conditions are identified between the age 40 to 50, and that is definitely not a bad age to master the art of yoga. Apart from the common benefits it increases the production of digestive enzymes and prevents your body from collecting unhealthy food remains.

Tree Pose:

Tree Pose is technically known as Vrikshasana. It is the easiest and the most effective yoga poses on the list. The primary benefit is to increase the induction of hormonal secretion in pancreases, which is otherwise low in a diabetic patient. This the most preferred pose among diabetic patients as this is both simple and effective.

Post Author: Stella Henderson